D-Link DSB-T100 for Win98/­Me/­2000 driver download gratis (ver. 1106)

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for Win98/­Me/­2000 (ver. 1106) PE beschikbaar 2002.03.26.

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Categorie PC Camera's
Merk D-Link
Apparaat DSB-T100
Besturingssysteem Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98
Versie 1106
Bestands grootte 1.99 Mb
Bestands type PE
Beschikbaar 2002.03.26
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The D-Link DSB-T100 is a USB TV Tuner and Video Capture device.­ It enables a user to view and capture any video from any RCA or S-Video compliant source right to the Computer.­ The DSB-T100 is targeted at home and business users.­ The DSB-T100 connects to a PC via a standard USB 1.­1 compliant type A connector or downstream USB hub.­ It features external RCA,­ S-Video and coaxial jacks that can be connected to any video source.­ These connections enable the user to capture video or capture a single frame that can be edited later using the bundled video and photo editing software.­ The DSB-T100 includes the following software: Ulead PhotoExplorer,­ which can organize,­ save,­ print,­ and share still images and video; and Ulead VideoStudio,­ which can edit,­ save and output video to hard disk.­

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